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Terrapin Security is located in Easton. Easton is within Talbot County, center of the mid shore on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

    As most of you are aware the need for security has been a secondary concern here on the shore.
    Unfortunately with today’s economy security has become a necessity.
    Our security division known as Terrapin Security started from addressing the need to simplify services.
    Our security division was formed in 2004 and has grown even in these economic times.
    We listened to our customers and decided there was a hunger from the consumer to simplify how they not only obtain
    low voltage services but to also get them serviced.
    As you read more about us we feel we have not only met these desires but well exceeded them with our team of professionals.
    This is how we made Security (a necessity today) better.

    Explanation – We Partnered!! We layered Terrapin Security in with Sight & Sounds.
    Our Sister Company Sight & Sounds has been in business
    here in Easton since 1984 which shows we have a stable business plan and many years experience to offer.
    Sight & Sounds was already multifaceted. They are the Premier HDTV, Custom Home Theatre and Audio Company located
    on the Mid-Shore. The only component missing for low voltage service was security.
    What we heard so many times was our customers and consumers in general were tired of dealing with three (3) companies for their low
    voltage needs.